The Castleknock Hotel Spa

The Castleknock Hotel Spa

Spa Castleknock Hotel

The spa at the Castleknock Hotel in County Dublin is a luxury urban destination that fosters healing and renews energy with its natural surroundings. It has donated the state-of-the-art resources that it offers for alleviating your stress and promoting your overall well-being. Luxurious spa services await you.

A professional spa therapist is well-versed in and well-versed in the amenities and treatments available from Elemis and Made For Life Organics. Choose from a wide variety of spa experiences, all set apart by the high service level and comfort of the Castleknock Hotel in County Dublin.

The Spa Castleknock Hotel is the spa’s exclusively designed luxury hotel spa. The spa works with luxury brands such as ELEMIS, and organic brand ‘Made for Life,’ providing a variety of treatments including massage, wraps, facials, scrubs, and pre-natal treatments. The spa also offers the ELEMIS holistic healing procedure BIOTEC, an effective, scientifically proven facial treatment.

You can choose from more than ten distinctive spa treatments, like massages, face rituals, one-shot scrubs, body treatments, and wraps. You can also avail of our Beauty & Grooming and Express Spa services. Relax in a jacuzzi while cooling off in the swimming pool, if our spa’s magical waters can lull you off into a deep state of relaxation.

Relaxation and nonsurgical treatments in store as well as before treatments allow guests to take a break from their everyday lives, enjoy comfortable clothes and take their downtime. Savor herbal tea with gentle background music after appeals in a tranquil space, while the resulting soothing sounds wash away pent-up stress.

Spend a day with us or present the gift of tranquility to someone special!
Our spa packages are designed to complement each other to melt away the stresses of life.


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Spa Castleknock Hotel

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